Winchester Housing Society is a small, charitable, social landlord in Winchester, UK

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Providing good quality, affordable, family homes in Winchester

The Society was founded in 1911 and has been providing homes in Fulflood, Winchester since 1912.  We still own the same family houses today, as well as a small number of flats for older people.  The Society has charitable aims, and is a registered society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014.  It’s activities are regulated by the Regulator of Social Housing; we are a private registered provider (PRP).  The Committee of Management is a group of voluntary people who give their time and expertise to oversee the Society’s work, which is carried out day to day by a small team of experienced staff and specialist contractors.

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Latest Announcements

Heating and hot water costs | 5th October 2022

Find ideas and links for help with Energy Bills and other costs here at this Government website called Help for Households. Other useful tips are:

  • Stop draughts – Check your doors and windows. But remember to open windows sometimes for ventilation, and use extract fans to the stop build-up of moisture that could cause mould.
  • Close internal doors – Helps reduce draughts still further.
  • Check loft insulation – Ask us to visit to do this for you. Depth of insulation should be around 250mm/10 inches. (Note: lofts should be empty of possessions so we can inspect, or arrange any work needed). Do not put items on top of loft insulation.
  • Turn heating down – Each 1oC saves around 4% or £100 per year.
  • Minimise hot water use - Hot water is responsible for around 25% of the average household energy bill. Shower instead of bath if you can.
  • Avoid using tumble dryer - Try drying your clothes outside in good weather, or on an airer in a sunny room.  But make sure you leave a window open, to avoid trapping damp air indoors.

HM Queen Elizabeth II | 16th September 2022

The Society joins the country in its sadness at the death of Her Majesty The Queen, and gives thanks for her exceptional life and extraordinary service.  On the day of her state funeral Monday 19th September, we will observe the bank holiday and operate on an out of hours basis (emergency response only).

Our New Name | 28th July 2022

We are gradually making changes to our website, letters, signs and other media, to introduce our shorter trading name Winchester Housing Society.  There is more information about this in the Annual Report recently delivered to all Society homes.   (You can also find a copy of the Report in our document archive here). There are no changes to any of our services, tenancies or contact details, which all continue as usual.

Water matters | 24th May 2022

Do you know where your water meter is located?  If you are not sure how to access it or take a reading, please ask us for help.  We can also help you find the external valve to turn off your water.  It is a good idea to check your meter a few times a year (note the readings in your diary), so you can compare it to any billing information sent to you by Southern Water.  If you don’t know if you have a meter, ask us to help you look (and have your most recent Water bill available for us to see).  Do you know where your indoor water stop cock is located so that you can easily turn off your water in an emergency if you need to?  Please ask us about that too if you are unsure, or if you would like it checked or cannot turn it.

Summer time at WWMHS | 11th May 2022

We hope there will be plenty of sunny summer weather to enjoy this year!  If you can spare a bucket of water now and again for the trees on Milverton Road planted by Hampshire Highways, that will help them thrive.  While enjoying your gardens, please avoid having smoky barbecues, bonfires or pitfires which might cause a nuisance to other people.  Remember to check garden sheds, gates and other security when doors and windows may be left open in hot weather.  Hedge-trimming (tops and pavement sides) by Idverde will take place soon; please keep the inner sides tidy along with your routine gardening.  Do you need an outside tap?  Speak to us if you don’t have one, or consider adding an eco-friendly water butt to sheds if you have space.

Decorating and mobility | 7th April 2022

The Society can offer help to any of our tenants who through age, reduced mobility or similar reasons would now find it difficult to maintain a good standard of decoration inside their home.  We can also install grab rails and handles to help give you more stability.  If you would like to talk with us about help of this kind, please get in touch.

Public Access Defibrillator | 29th March 2022

This week we are installing a public access defibrillator outside at Ronald Bowker Court.  It will be registered with the 999 network and can be used by anyone in a cardiac emergency (no training necessary), ideally alongside CPR.  The defibrillator has been provided by the Society and the Tenants' Association, particularly to celebrate Richard Steel's chairmanship of WWMHS until his retirement in 2019.  Please watch this space for further details.

Porch canopies | 23rd March 2022

As part of the Society’s continual work to look after the estate, we will be carrying out repair and maintenance of front door canopies of the houses during the spring and summer months, continuing next year too.  The work will involve inspecting for damage, repainting the woodwork and treating the lead flashing on top of each canopy.  If you live in one of our homes and believe a repair of your porch canopy is needed more quickly, or have questions about the works, please get in touch with us in the usual way.

UK and Ukraine | 21st March 2022

Many people and organisations in the UK want to find practical ways to help those affected by the terrible events in Ukraine.  If anyone living in WWMHS housing is considering taking part in the scheme launched by Government, for individuals to open their homes to refugees from Ukraine, please get in touch to discuss this with us first, to help ensure that the occupancy of your house and the requirements of your tenancy are suitable.  For other ways you can help, see these official pages from the UK Government.

Repairs in your home: Living with Covid-19 | 22nd February 2022

At WWMHS we keep our Covid-19 approach under review based on Government guidance and information.  Although restrictions are being removed in England from 24th February, there are still steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of catching and spreading Covid-19.  When you know that any WWMHS repair or inspection work is about to start in your home, please let us know:

  • If you think you or anyone in your household currently has Covid-19
  • Whether you are worried about Covid-19 and would like to discuss your concerns with us before the work takes place

WWMHS staff and contractors always seek to work safely and responsibly, including in your home.  By providing this information you can help us do that.

Help With Money Worries | 28th January 2022

If you are ever worried about how to pay your rent, because of other costs and bills you have to pay, please contact us so we can chat with you and find a way to help.  If you are particularly worried about your gas, electric and water bills, you can also find help at connect4communities Hampshire. And more general help and advice if you have money worries, is at connecttosupportHampshire with links for information including emergency food, debts, charity grants, and buying furniture.

Advice About Fuel Costs | 24th November 2021

If you would like advice and support about fuel costs (including electricity and gas), the Connect For Help organisation may be able to help you.  Check their website to see if you are eligible for advice, by telephone or by applying online.  Other sources of help are your current gas or electricity providers, who may have schemes to help customers who are struggling to pay their bills, or the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Zero Carbon Homes | 21st October 2021

The UK has an aim to eliminate or greatly reduce the amount of carbon dioxide produced by the way we live and work, by the year 2050.  The Society remains responsible for the building structures and heating installations in WWMHS homes and will assess the new technologies and choices that are developed in the coming years, so we can play our part towards meeting these important climate control and energy aspirations.

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Managing our properties
for over 100 years

The Society has provided homes for local people during two world wars in 1914/18 and 1939/45, seen in the Millennium in Year 2000, and our latest challenge is Covid-19 from 2020.  Originally our houses had no indoor bathrooms or central heating, which were added many years ago as major modernisation projects.  Windows, doors, roofing, kitchens, and electrical installations have all been maintained and replaced several times in the history of each house, and the allotment areas on the estate were redeveloped to provide new flats and pathways.  Our next decades will see us address the need to reach the UK’s zero carbon targets, and national initiatives such as the adoption of electric cars.

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